Frontline World Records Festival 2023

From Rising Stars to Global Stars

We are ecstatic to declare that we, Frontline Group of Schools, celebrated our 25th year of academic excellence and fostering well-rounded individuals. In commemoration of this significant anniversary, our diligent students showcased an awe-inspiring performance by setting 50 world records, including 25 team records and 25 individual records at the "Frontline World Records Festival 2023," which took place from July 23 to July 30, 2023.

Our unwavering belief in nurturing not only our students' intellectual prowess, but also their extracurricular and co-curricular talents was firmly demonstrated during this extraordinary festival. With participants from Pre-KG to Grade 12, this event served as an unequivocal testament to our dedication to nurturing India's future generations.

Moreover, this grand event coincided with the celebration of India's 75th year of Independence "Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav", adding to the country's pride and resilience.

The successfully attempted records covered a broad spectrum of fields, from the enrichment of LSRW skills to Fine Arts, Yoga, Sports, and Love for our Environment, showcasing the exceptional talents of our cherished students.

Our efforts were officially recognized by Elite World Records, Asian Records Academy, India Records Academy, and Tamilan Book of Records. Esteemed adjudicators from different countries and states in India were present to bear witness to the Amazing Human Feat of our Frontline Students. Our students made use of this opportunity to hone their skills, unearth their latent talents and shine brilliantly on an international platform.

We are thrilled to announce that our students have become the first in history to establish over 50 world records concurrently within a remarkable two-week period.

This monumental endeavour united the efforts of 2208 students and 233 teachers in participation. We sincerely appreciate our team’s support and collaboration which ensured the resounding success of this grand event!

Thanks to the support of our parents, grandparents, teachers, staff, volunteers, and our wonderful community, we have truly made our children the Champions of Champions - the World Champions! We look forward to future events and successes.

World Record Companies

List of Records

Team Records

S. No.Event TitleCategoryLink
1Most Books Published Simultaneously by School StudentsSpotlight EventDetails
4Most Participants making Seed Balls Simultaneously for 1 Hour (Single Venue)Social ResponsibilityDetails
2Longest Lecture Marathon by a TeamLinguistic & Literary Skills ExhibitionDetails
3Longest Debate Marathon by Multiple TeamsLinguistic & Literary Skills ExhibitionDetails
7Longest Book Review Marathon by a TeamLinguistic & Literary Skills ExhibitionDetails
6Most Participants Presenting a Written Review of a Literature Simultaneously (Single Venue)Linguistic & Literary Skills ExhibitionDetails
5Most Participants Performing Yogasanas on a Chair Simultaneously (Single Venue)Talent DisplayDetails
8Most Participants in a Variety Show Marathon (Single Venue)Talent DisplayDetails
9Most Participants Cooking Fire Less Recipes Simultaneously (Single Venue)Talent DisplayDetails
10Most Participants Performing in a Sports Drill holding Flags Simultaneously (Single Venue)Talent DisplayDetails
11Most Participants Performing in a Sports Drill holding Pom Poms Simultaneously (Single Venue)Talent DisplayDetails
12Most Participants Making Kirigami Models Simultaneously (Single Venue)Creativity DisplayDetails
13Most Participants Dot-to-Dot Drawing Simultaneously (Single Venue)Creativity DisplayDetails
14Most Participants Making Origami Models Simultaneously (Single Venue)Creativity DisplayDetails
15Largest Origami Mosaic by a TeamCommunity AwarenessDetails
16Largest Kirigami Mosaic by a TeamCommunity AwarenessDetails
17Most Participants Wearing Paper Hats Simultaneously (Single Venue)Celebrating ChildrenDetails
18Most Participants Doing Jumping Jack Simultaneously (Single Venue)Celebrating ChildrenDetails
19Most Participants Playing the Game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” Simultaneously (Single Venue)Celebrating ChildrenDetails
20Most Participants Popping Bubble Wraps Simultaneously (Single Venue)Celebrating ChildrenDetails
21Most Participants in a Chicken Dance (Single Venue)Celebrating ChildrenDetails
22Most Participants Playing the Game of “Duck, Duck, Goose” Simultaneously (Single Venue)Celebrating ChildrenDetails
23Most Participants Wearing Paper Crowns Simultaneously (Single Venue)Celebrating ChildrenDetails
24Most Participants in a Hokey Pokey Dance (Single Venue)Celebrating ChildrenDetails
25Most Participants Playing Catches with Plastic Balls Simultaneously (Single Venue)Celebrating ChildrenDetails


Individual Records

S. No.Event TitleStudent NameSchoolGradeLink
1Longest Cooking Marathon by an Individual (Minor-Male)Vidhurvaibhav ATFAGrade VIIDetails
4Longest Lecture Marathon by an Individual (Minor-Female)Rishika BhadaniFMSGrade XIIDetails
2Longest Book Review Marathon by an Individual (Minor-Male)Siddharth S DFMSGrade VIDetails
3Longest Charcoal Drawing by an Individual (Minor-Female)Tharsika K SFMSGrade XDetails
7Most Puzzles Solved in 30 Minutes by a Pre-SchoolerAdvaiith A PFNISGrade IDetails
6Most Yogasanas Performed in 10 Minutes by a Pre-SchoolerSamuthra Nithi ATFAGrade IIIDetails
5Most Digital Images of Animals Identified by a Pre-Schooler in 3 MinutesAbdul Afaan AFNISSenior KGDetails
8Most Digital Images of Vegetables and Fruits Identified by a Pre-Schooler in 3 MinutesAashvi VFMSSenior KGDetails
9Most Images of Transport Modes Identified from Flash Cards by a Pre-Schooler in 3 MinutesNavinesh M KTFAJunior KGDetails
10Most Sight Words Recalled from Flash Cards by a Pre-Schooler in 3 MinutesPrakkalyaah G KFMSGrade IDetails
11Most Yogasanas Performed on an Inverted Vessel in 10 Minutes by an Individual (Minor-Male)Magil Mithran S SFMSGrade IIDetails
12Most Yogasanas Performed in 10 Minutes on a Nail Bed by an Individual (Minor-Female)Samyuktha Shri SFMSGrade VIDetails
13Most Dot-to-Dot Drawings Completed in 2 Hours by an Individual (Minor-Female)Chiroshri Nandhan S VFMSGrade IIDetails
14Largest Bottle Caps Mosaic by an Individual (Minor-Male)Yaswanth V HTFAGrade IXDetails
15Largest Paper Cups Mosaic by an Individual (Minor-Male)Rohesh JoviFMSGrade VIIIDetails
16Largest Ice-Sticks Mosaic by an Individual (Minor-Female)Dhanyaasri A KFMSGrade XDetails
17Largest Kirigami Mosaic by an Individual (Minor-Male)Nathish Prabhu RTFAGrade IVDetails
18Largest Origami Mosaic by an Individual (Minor-Male)Narun Prakash RTFAGrade IVDetails
19Largest Seed Balls Mosaic by an Individual (Minor-Male)Sarvesh STFAGrade VIIIDetails
20Largest National Flag made with Origami Hearts by an Individual (Minor-Female)Manasa Nagha Sri K SFMSGrade IXDetails
21Largest Origami Fish Mosaic by an Individual (Minor-Female)Harishni SFMSGrade VIDetails
22Largest Plastic Balls Mosaic by an Individual (Minor-Male)Nithish ATFAGrade XDetails
23Largest National Flag Made with Paper Cups by an Individual (Minor-Male)Sivasalapathi Abinav KTFAGrade IVDetails
24Largest Origami Boats Mosaic by an Individual (Minor-Male)Mukuntharam B MFNISGrade VDetails
25Most Origami Models Made in 2 Hours by an Individual (Minor-Female)Hemaakshaya PTFAGrade VIIDetails