Fit India Movement 2019

Fit India Movement – Fitness Week Celebration

We @ FMS were happy to take part in the nation – wide “Fit India Movement”, launched by the Honorable Prime Minister on 29 Aug 2019, and to take his mission forward to all the stakeholders of our school – students, teachers, other staff, parents and the Management.

A report about the day wise activities conducted during the Fitness Week celebration is herewith given:


Day 1:

(i) Morning Assembly – Yoga for all

Benefits of teaching Yoga to school children and to be practiced by all adults was reinforced in the school assembly. Our school has been teaching Yoga since its establishment, and has produced many Yoga champions who have won gold medals even in International events. Some of the benefits of Yoga are as follows: It improves flexibility, balance and posture, reduces stress and anxiety, improves memory and attention span, helps to manage weight, teaches correct breathing techniques, enhances immunity, improves quality of sleep, etc.

(ii) Activities on Fitness and Nutrition for Students and Staff.

The School Secretary Dr. S. Sivagami explained to grade 1 students and Staff about Nutrition, Hygiene and Fitness with the help of a PPT.


Day 2:

(i) Morning Assembly – Free hands exercise for all

(ii) Mental Fitness Activities – The school Psychologist interacted with the students about the relationship between physical and mental fitness and explained the benefits of developing a positive attitude towards physical activity as well as a strong mental attitude.


Day 3:

(i) Fitness Assessment of students through KHELO INDIA App for Grades 1-3 was initiated by the school PETs Mr. Nandha Kumar and Mrs. Rajalakshmi.

(ii) Poster making Competition for all students on theme “Fit Body – Fit Mind – Fit Environment” was conducted.


Day 4:

(i)  Physical Activities for all Students including Dance, Aerobics, Yoga, Martial Arts, Rope Skipping, Gardening, etc.

Benefits of Dance and Aerobics such as good cardio-respiratory functioning, which in turn improves their ability to resist coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and various psychological disorders later in life were explained to the students.

The Martial Art activity Silambam, which is already an extra-curricular activity in the school was practiced by the children.

Rope skipping, which improves motor coordination, speed, and agility and reflexes and builds bone strength was carried out.

Gardening, is an ongoing activity in our school, enhances students’ reasoning, planning and organization skills, math and science skills, alertness, cognitive abilities and social skills, focus and memory. It helps them to choose healthy foods over junk food and is a very popular activity among our kids.

(ii) Essay Writing Competition for all Students on theme “Fit India School” was carried out for secondary classes.


Day 5:

Fitness/Sports Quiz for all Students was conducted.


Day 6:

Competition for Students, Staff and Parents in Indigenous Games of Kashmir which is our partner state was conducted. The games were: Bante, Garam - 7 Stones, Teekan, Saz Loung.

The indigenous games of TamilNadu (Nungu Vandi, Kallangal(Five stones) Bambaram, Adu Puli Attam Dayakattai (Dice game) Nondi (Hopping) were also conducted following popular requests of every one.


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