Vision & Mission

      Our focus is to instill the following 21st century skills in our children.

✍   Promote academic, social, physical and personal growth in our students.

✍   Develop the ability to think and communicate with clarity and precision.

✍   Provide opportunities to explore moral and health issues.

✍   Enable them to form considered and objective judgments.

✍   Encourage curiosity, experimentation and rigorous intellectual analysis in our students.

✍   Instill in our students a desire to learn and a conviction that education is continuing and open-ended.

✍   Encourage our students to become aware of and act upon their responsibilities, not only to themselves and their peers, but also to society in general.

✍   Foster within our students a healthy sense of self-esteem and self-awareness and encourage respect and compassion for others.

✍   Actively promote the preservation and protection of the natural world amongst our students; teach our students that learning enriches life.