World Records

Jan 24-26, 2013 were days to be etched in gold letters for the students of Frontline Group of Schools (Frontline Academy Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Frontline Nursery & Primary School, and Frontline Millennium School). The students of Pre KG to Grade 12 went on to set five amazing world records certified by Tamilan book of records, India Records Academy, Asian Records Academy headquartered in Singapore and Elite World Records, UK.


        The first record was the longest painting measuring 915 meters length by a team of 915 participants titled “Preserve Nature”. The students had created the longest painting with their vivid imagination such that no two paintings resembled each other and it was the result of an intense team effort by all the 915 participants.


        The second record was the largest leaves Mosaic by a team of 915 students and teachers measuring 216 square meters with the concept “prevent Global warming”. Student teams from the school took great pains to collect as many as 250 different species of leaves to make the leaf mosaic. The exercise was meant as an eye opener for the students to appreciate the rich botanical reserves of the area and it proved to be an immense success when most of the students were able to recall each species of the leaf used in the mosaic and its usefulness in our life.


        The third record was a pencil mosaic measuring 96 sq. m. and set by a team of 915 participants of the school including teachers and students emphasizing the concept “Education for all” using 72000 pencils.


        The fourth record emphasized “Be Proud to be an Indian” by way of creating the largest national flag made with Finger Prints by a team of 2736 participants including students, teachers, parents and grand-parents of the students measuring 864 sq.m. and coincided with the Indian Republic Day.

Apart for all these amazing team records, yet another individual record was created by a Frontliner of Grade 10, J.P.Suriya. It was a button mosaic titled “Union is Strength” using nearly about 5 lakhs buttons and working non-stop right from the morning of Jan 23rd 6 am to Jan 25th noon.

The world record events proved to be tests of endurance, team effort, co-ordination, time planning, patience and we are proud that all the students have amazingly done well and passed out with flying colors in all the tests of real life skills and won for themselves and the school 5 World Records, the first of its kind achieved in the history of Tirupur. Well done to our Kiddos!