Sishu Utsav 2019

Interschool Kindergarten Festival of Talents

Fun, Inspiring, Creative Activities to develop the Social Skills, Life Skills and to bring out the Champion inside your kid!

Sishu Utsav is an annual Interschool Kindergarten Festival of Talents conducted by our school to identify the Talented kids of Tirupur. This year, it will be held on 3rd February 2019 (Sunday). It contains the events mentioned below. The top 3 winners in each category / event will be gifted with a trophies, saplings & certificates. Apart from these events, rain dance, portrait drawing & tri-cycle riding will be offered on a first come first serve basis.


Story Teller

The child should narrate a story with the help of puppets or props.

Original / Humorous stories are encouraged.

Performance Time :
5 minutes

Rhyme & Rhythm

Nursery Rhymes recitation for PreKG / LKG.

Athi Chudi Recitation for UKG.

Dancing / Action while reciting is encouraged.

Performance Time :
3 minutes

Fashion Icon

A Ramp walk / Fancy dress competition.

The child should come dressed for the competition. The child must act and express his / her character.

All themes are allowed.

Performance Time :
3 minutes

Brainy Bee

The child must identify the given objects using their 5 senses and must describe it.

Assessment will be based on correct identification and usage of vocabulary.

Performance Time :
5 minutes

Little Dancer

Dancing to your favourite rhymes / children’s song.

Bring your song in a CD and Pen Drive.

The child should come dressed up for the event.

Performance Time :
5 minutes


The child should perform multiple aasanas within the given time.
The number of aasanas will be counted.
Bring your own yoga mats.

Performance Time :
5 minutes.

Celebrating Art

Colouring competition for PreKG / LKG.

Drawing competition for UKG.

Colouring / drawing sheets will be provided. The child should bring colour crayons. Water colours, colour pencils / pens are not allowed.

Performance Time :
20 minutes

Think Geek

Puzzle Solving, Logical thinking & Memory activities.

Performance Time :
5 minutes

Character Portrayal

The child must play the role of a famous personality in today’s world.

Fictional characters are not allowed.

Performance Time :
5 minutes

Master Chef Junior

The child should prepare flameless food.

Example : juice, salad, sandwich, etc.

The child must bring the required ingredients.

Performance Time :
30 minutes.

Kutty Chutties

Interview / Talk session to find the most talkative & witty child.

Performance Time :

5 minutes

Bonus Event – Top Child Model

Once registered, a photo shoot session will be arranged for the child in the school premises. (Date for photo shoot will be intimated through phone.)

The photos will be uploaded in our facebook page. The photo with the maximum number of likes, comments and shares will be chosen as the winner.

Deadline for entries :
25th January 2019

A child can participate in a maximum of 3 events (excluding Top Child Model event).

Performances will be judged by theme, pronunciation, creativity, vocabulary, voice clarity, facial expressions, presentation, confidence, timing, grace of movement & action and costume & properties. (wherever applicable)

Parents are requested to kindly cooperate with the organizers.

The event is not just about competing, but its also about having fun. Make sure to have fun.