Sishu Utsav 2018


Interschool Kindergarten Festival of Talents

Fun, Inspiring, Creative Activities to develop the Social Skills, Life Skills and to bring out the Champion inside your kid!

        Sishu Utsav is an annual Interschool Kindergarten Festival of Talents conducted by our school to identify the Talented kids of Tirupur. This year, it will be held on 28th January 2018. It contains the events mentioned below. The top 3 winners in each category / event will be gifted with a trophies, saplings & certificates. Apart from these events, rain dance, portrait drawing & tattoo designing will be offered on a first come first serve basis. 


Music and Movement

Dancing to your favourite rhymes.
Each contestant is free to choose their own nursery rhyme. Bring your rhyme in a CD & Pen Drive. Participants should come dressed up for the event. No group performance.

Note :
Only nursery rhymes are allowed. No cine songs.
Performance Time :
5 minutes inclusive of entry and exit.

Fancy Dress Competition

The child should come dressed up for the event.
All themes are allowed.
The child should act & express his character.

Note :
Bonus points for creativity.
Performance Time :
5 minutes inclusive of entry and exit.


The child should write neatly by seeing a given text.
The number of words written will be counted.

Performance Time :
10 minutes.

Little Singer

The child should sing a meaningful song.

Note :
Songs deemed unsuitable for children will be disqualified.
Performance Time :
2 minutes.

Odyssey of the Mind (Aptitude & Logic)

A fun puzzle activity to stimulate the child's thinking skills.
Cards will be provided to solve the puzzles.

Performance Time :
5 minutes.


The child should perform multiple aasanas within the given time.
The number of aasanas will be counted.
Bring your own yoga mats.

Performance Time :
5 minutes.

Picture Reading

The child has to describe the given picture.

Performance Time :
3 minutes.

Face Make Up

The child has to apply make up to his/her parent.
Bring your own make up kit.

Performance Time :
20 minutes.

Master Chef

The child should prepare flameless food.
Example : juice, salad, sandwich, etc.
Bring required ingredients.

Performance Time :
30 minutes.

Little Advertiser

Advertise and promote any product of your choice.
Description should have only original words.
Do not copy from media ads.
Language can be in English or Tamil.

Performance Time :
3 minutes inclusive of entry and exit.

Little Artist

Colouring sheets will be provided.
Bring your own colour crayons.
No water colours, colour pencils / pens.

Performance Time :
20 minutes.

Tell me a Story

Reciting a story in English.

Performance Time :
3 minutes inclusive of entry & exit.

Bonus Event – Selfie Contest

Send your family selfies to our email id / facebook page.
Judgement will be based on creativity, expressions, make-up, properties, etc.

Deadline for entries :
21st January 2018


A student can participate in a maximum of 2 events. 

Performances will be judged by theme, pronunciation, creativity, vocabulary, voice clarity, facial expressions, presentation, confidence, timing, grace of movement & action and costume & properties. (wherever applicable) 

Parents are requested to kindly cooperate with the organizers. 

The event is not just about competing, but its also about having fun. Make sure to have fun. 

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