International Snacks Festival

We celebrated “International Snacks Festival” on 5th Nov. The event was organized as part of ISA activity. Snacks from 4 different countries namely Mexico, Greece, Dubai and India were highlighted. Snacks from Greece such as Greek Honey Puffs, Saganaki- Fried cheese, Chick pea Balls (Revithokeftedes), Mexican snacks such as Mazapan, Mexicorn corn, Dubai snacks such as Gummy Candy, Spicy Falafels and Indian snacks such as Bobatu, Kofta, Vettayappam, Pav baji and nearly 40 snacks were prepared and displayed by the parents and the students of L.K.G ,U.K.G and Grade 1. Pictures of the snacks from their countries were also on display. The students and parents tasted and enjoyed the flavors of the 4 countries. Each student gave a brief description of the snack that they had prepared. The children were sensitized on recognizing healthy food & junk food based on the ingredients in the snack. This activity has been a huge draw among the students and the parents. We hope that their activity will have a lasting impact on their lives.


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ISA Activity - International Snacks Festival

Posted by Frontline Millennium School-CBSE on Friday, November 6, 2015