Field Trips

Field trip provides an opportunity for teachers to connect with their students, reaching out to them in a new dimension. Field trips offer a new way of learning for kids.
Outside the classroom, the children and the teachers lay down their inhibitions and forge ahead for a more practical, long-lasting learning experience.

Visit to Big Bazaar

Our students of grade I & II went to the Big Bazaar to reinforce their learning on ‘Healthy Living’. The students identified the food stored off the shelf as ‘GOOD’ and ‘BAD’ items as they browsed through the super store. They were able to extend their knowledge to what they can include in their daily diet for a healthy tomorrow.

Visit to Dog Shelter

Students of Grade-5 visited a Dog Shelter run by Thangam Memorial Trust on 31-10-15. They donated animal food and cleaning materials. One of the caretakers of the shelter briefed them on providing the right kind of care and food for the dogs. Some of the students shared their experiences and views on rearing dogs. This field trip proved to be an exciting learning opportunity for children and taught them to be more caring, responsible and compassionate to animals.