Dyslexia Awareness Program for Teachers

The Management and Teachers of Frontline Millennium School, The Frontline Academy & Frontline Primary School firmly believe that their contribution to the student community should be the best, and that they should be using their valuable time and efforts to mould themselves into becoming better teachers.

It is common to find a mix of intelligent, average and below average children in any classroom. "Why are some children perceived as very intelligent and some as below average? Is there a reason behind their performance in classroom? How can the teacher help below average children?" - These are questions that always linger in the minds of the teachers.

As an effort to understand why some children are slow in learning when compared to their peers, a training program for teachers was conducted on 12.09.15 by Mrs.Harini Mohan and Mrs.Vilasini from Madras Dyslexia Association. Teachers were trained on the common learning deficiencies in children and the characteristics of Dyslexia. Teachers were taught to identify certain common learning deficiencies and made were aware of the type of help that is needed for such children. The teachers were also trained on providing special attention for such children.

The session proved to be of great help to the teachers and the teachers left the program equipped with the knowledge about the deficiencies and with a firm commitment of providing their solid support to children with such deficiencies.